10 Horrible DJ Poses

Jay Laiche July 19, 2013 Best Of, Features, Funny, Lists 23 Comments


“Being a DJ is more than just pressing buttons.” That quote is certainly true, but sometimes a DJ may think he or she is more than they really are. While charisma and stage presence is key, one needs to be able to direct that charisma in a way that will appeal to the masses. Some DJ’s just don’t quite get that. We at WRR have compiled 10 poses that maybe should have never been uploaded to the internet. Much thanks to http://posingdjs.tumblr.com/ for the pictures. Nowadays, anyone with a debit card and internet literacy can call themselves a DJ. While some may fit the bill, others are not so lucky. Some of these DJs from Posing DJ’s tumblr should probably stick to their day jobs.

1. Grilling the Beats


2. This Set is On Fire


3. I Enjoy Long Walks on the Beach, Reading a Good Book, and Hardstyle


4. Frozen in the Mix


5. I Didn’t Know the Backstreet Boys were DJs


6. Hungry for Spinning


7. I Only Play Garage


8. The Serious DJ


9. Check Me Out!


10. Pan-Seared Techno



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