10 Incredible Photos of Abandoned Nightclubs From Around The World

10 Incredible Photos of Abandoned Nightclubs From Around The World

Ben Hebert September 24, 2013 Best Of, Lists 32 Comments

When a nightclub shuts down and new owners can’t be found immediately, they are often left as-is and become hot spots for urban exploration.

Here are 10 photos from nightclubs and venues around the world.

Majestyk Nightclub – Leeds




The building was originally a Majestic Cinema at its inception in 1922, 1969 saw the transformation to Majestic Bingo, until finally Majestyk nightclub was born in 1993,

Though the external grandeur of the building remained, Majestyk ushered in a period of cheesy dance club nights. The Majestyk was once one of Leeds most popular and largest nightclubs, with a 3,310 capacity. Its eventual dwindling popularity and increasing competition lead to its closure in June 2006.

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Tuxedo Royale Nightclub Cruise



Tuxedo Royale (ex-TSS Dover) was a former car ferrier, used as permanently moored floating nightclub in the United Kingdom from the 1980s to the 2000s. The ship saw use on the River Tyne in Newcastle upon Tyne, but was moved to Middlesborough when it’s sister boat Tuxedo Princess (ex-TSS Caledonian Princess) was moved from Glasgow to Newcastle, taking it’s place.

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Starlight Music Theatre – New York

starlight-music-hall starlite-music-theatre

The Starlite Music Theatre, fondly known as “the tent”, once drew stars such as Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Cash and Diana Ross.  Essentially a huge oval, green and yellow-striped canvas tent, the theatre – which went by many names over the years, including Colonie Coliseum – seated 1,800 people around a central stage.  By 1969, the tent had been replaced by a more permanent building seating 3,000.  Theatre productions declined soon after, giving way to Las Vegas concert acts in the 1970s before the Starlite fell on hard times.  It struggled on through the 1997 season but never opened the following year.  Today, the big venue in the small hamlet lies derelict and abandoned / CC BY 2.0

Millenium Complex Plymouth – United Kingdom




Originally opened in 1931 as The Gaumont Palace, the cinema held 2,252, before becoming a nightclub in the eighties. Back in it’s heyday of the 90?s, the venue hosted historic parties by Dreamscape, Obsession and Scream amongst others, attracting thousands of clubbers from across the South West every Friday and Saturday night to see great acts such as Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Sasha and Digweed amongst many others

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KTV and Nightclub Longgang – Shenzhen, China

Abandoned KTV and Nightclub Longgang Shenzhen China

Photo is a panorama of the main nightclub room.

Borscht Belt Resort Nightclub


Hotel Nightclub

Site of The Pines resort in South Fallsburg, New York. The developers went out of business and everything now stands still.

Perth Entertainment Center



Once host to acts like Bob Marley and AC/DC, the 8,000 seat capacity Perth Entertainment Center is now a piece of modern abandoned architecture.

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Communist Party Headquarters on Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria.



While it’s not exactly a nightclub or venue, it definitely looks like a place that could be reconditioned into the site for an epic underground rave.

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Abandoned Watertower Nightclub



According to Weburbanist, this nightclub was an illegal invite only establishment hidden within a watertower in New York City.

Diskothek “Schatzi” in Hagenbrunn, Austria.


Probably the most famous abandoned nightclub photo online, this is an HDR rendering of a burned down club in Austria by Matthais Haiker.

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