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Greetings my fellow rafters, today I’ll introduce you to another up and coming mash-up artist Justin Blau, aka 3LAU (pronounced BLAU). If you remember my recent Kap Slap post3LAU is similar in style and the 2 frequently collaborate on tracks. Originally from Las Vegas, Justin is now a student at Washington U in St. Louis. Dance Floor Filth, released nearly a month ago, mixes bass-filled electrohouse with top-40ish lyrics that everyone will recognize. I had the privilege of seeing him live on Georgia Tech campus for a paint party, which was epic. This is my favorite work of his to date, and it reaffirms the fact that he is going to be huge:

Top Downloaded Tracks by 3LAU

According to 3LAU, this album represents where his sound started with his mashups. His upcoming releases will feature more original productions, including some of his own vocals. Can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us next. Download the album for free – click here


SoundCloud         Twitter         Fabo          3LAU.com

BONUS: check this video if you’re like me and curious about what DJ set-up he’s running.

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