7 Reasons Why You Probably Hate Avicii

Ben Hebert March 29, 2013 News 11 Comments


Like this blog, Avicii’s rise to superstardom is less about the talent and more about being in the right place at the right time. He’s young, super rich (250k to play a show) and famous across the world. What’s not to hate about that?

Well if you needed a better reason… here are a few.

Avicii gets pissed off when other people play “his” songs. Well specifically the mainstream songs that he likes to use in his set like “Who” and “Epic”.

He’s listening to the thumping sound of “Who” by German producers Tujamo and Plastik Funk coming off the stage. “This, too?” he says incredulously. “How many of my fucking songs is he going to play?”

He also doesn’t really do any dj’ing on stage.

Thanks to computers, these days, DJing is mostly “before work,” Tim explains. Most of the set list and transitions are worked out before he gets onstage. The notion of a DJ who determines what to play by reading the room “feels like something a lot of older DJs are saying to kind of desperately cling on staying relevant.”

There’s a formula behind all of his tracks and even he thinks the lyrics for his new album are stupid.

Back in Mexico, Tim plays a new track, tentatively titled “Someone Like You.” “It’s so simple,” he says, laughing. “I mean, All my life I have been waiting for someone like you? It’s almost stupid.”

He doesn’t drink more than two days in a row.

He kept going like this until last January, when he developed “like, searing” abdominal pain and wound up in the hospital in New York for eleven days with acute pancreatitis. “I probably drink more now than I should,” he says. “But I have a pace. I never drink two days in a row.”

When he met Pharrell they talked about the weather.

Producer Pharrell Williams pauses to shake hands with everyone in his path, like a religious figure or a politician. “I’m happy for your success, man,” he tells Tim, and they chat for a few minutes, literally about the weather, while everyone stares into their champagne glasses. Then it’s time to go.

Tim doesn’t really care about internet haters anymore, which means he still really cares about internet haters.

Tim does not want to be seen as a dick. He would also like not to care about Internet haters. “The hate started very quickly, because I’m young and I got into it very quickly, and a lot of people just find it hard to be happy,” he says later, sitting at the Joule hotel in Dallas, drinking a cappuccino before his 10 p.m. set. “They get like jealous very easily, maybe. In the beginning, I used to care,” he says. “I don’t really care anymore.”

Avicii doesn’t even like to dance.

“I don’t really dance, anyway,” Tim says. Other than his friends from high school, who he sees sparingly—”I help them get laid,” he laughs—most of his time is spent around adults.

There are some redeeming qualities about the story like when he calls out ‘Merica for being good at partying, avoiding Paris Hilton because she’s a stalker and complaining when only one bra gets thrown at him.

You can read the full article on GQ.

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