Avicii to collaborate with Coldplay or Adele? [Plus Rumors & Coldplay Remix]

Ben Hebert April 29, 2012 House, News No Comments

Avicii's new production that debuted at Coachella

Before Avicii hits the US for his first true arena tour (with the giant head and all), he was able to sit down with Rolling Stone for a minute to talk the tour, music and dream collaborations. It turns out we will not be able to expect an Avicii album at any time during 2012, but he does promise to continue to release new singles throughout the year.

A debut album for the 22 year old Swede is going to be huge and I imagine he’ll need to take some time off to produce it. It will probably be more mainstream given his recent collaborations with Madonna and Lenny Kravitz, but that’s yet to be seen.

Bergling mentioned that he is contacted frequently for collaborations and remixes, but admits that the two artists he would like to work with would be Adele and Chris Martin of Coldplay. His remix of Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall is just a tease of what could happen if Martin and Bergling teamed up.

Other fun notes:

  • Someone named DJ Moonwalk stole the Nicky Romero and Avicii track Nictim and uploaded it to Spotify. It reached the top 10 most played tracks in house before Avicii’s manager got it taken down.
  • Avicii was cited for trying to “dj” off of an iPhone at a venue in Australia. He was probably using it as a USB stick, but still sketchy.
  • There was a feud between Avicii and Feedme that was kind of funny.

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