We Interviewed the Guy Who Tattooed all of the lyrics to “Wake Me Up”

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We’ve seen some terrible and some not so terrible EDM tattoos, but this one might be the worst one of them all. Joe Forsyth of Worcester, UK decided that he liked Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” so much that he decided to get the lyrics to the entire song tattooed on his side. No, not the chorus or part that stood out to him the most, but the entire song.


So we interviewed him by email and chose not to edit his response in any way.

What inspired you to get the tattoo?

I got the tattoo even though it is a mint tune its not because im obsessed with the song which people probably think, its the lyrics they basically tell the story of the way i live me and everyone that works abroad in places magaluf,ibiza,ayai napa ect. All live our lifes everday to the max doing what we want when we want not planning to far ahead everything will happen when its needs to theres no point waiting for it.

Who are some of your other favorite artists?

Favourite artists have got to be Eminem all time best for me, tiesto best dj from when i saw him live in 2011 Tenerife it was insane!! Rizzle Kicks are sick just cuz the majority of there tunes i can relate to theres example tinie tempah i like loads of shit however cant leave out chase and status seen them twice both times insane mint music they never fail!

Any message for the haters?

All the people giving me shit saying shit tat worst ive seen your guna regret it f**k off your parents probably regret you you mouthy c**ts, the only regrets i have are the risks ive not taken and the majority of you prob got no ink anyway so you have no opinion!!

Why did you decide to get the whole song instead of maybe just a few of the lyrics?

Also i decided to get all the lyrics instead of just a few because a few lines wouldnt have explained the whole story behind the song also i love tattoos.

My bet is that he’ll regret it soon enough, but who knows. Have an opinion? Give Joe a shoutout on twitter at @joeforsyth3

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