Cash Cash Reveals Video For Acoustic Version Of “Take Me Home”

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take me home

To compliment the harmonious and melodic arrangement for “Take Me Home”, Cash Cash has premiered the music video for the acoustic version of their hit track. Piano and acoustic guitar accompany Bebe Rexha’s dulcet vocals to bring us a unique way to enjoy this bright dance tune. It is always refreshing to hear an electronic track translated for live instruments, as it shows that the track has more than one dimension. Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash has also said that they compose their tracks with live instruments before adding electronic elements:

“We always start the writing process on an acoustic guitar or piano before it translates over to synths and electronic drums…We knew an acoustic version would show a whole different side to the song, so we brought it back to the foundation and built a whole new house on top of it.”

Watch the video (which just premiered on Billboard) below:


Source: Billboard

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