Dash Berlin Injures And Almost Breaks Leg At London Show

Cody Smith March 29, 2014 News No Comments


While numerous DJs in Miami fall victim to illness and injury in Miami, Dash Berlin almost broke his leg at a show at the Gallery club in London last night. During the show, a piece of wood dislodged from the DJ booth and hit and almost broke Dash’s leg. Despite the injury and excruciating pain, Dash Berlin finished the show and seems to be feeling better now.

His statement regarding the situation below:

“Music excites me, people know me for always being energetic on stage, sometimes even a bit crazy, I really love what I do. But this time I was not taking any risks, I was just unlucky, a wooden piece came lose in the booth and fell towards me just when I was kicking my leg forward, almost breaking my leg. The show must go on as they say and I will be the last person to disappoint any fans, but I can tell you that it was really hard keeping a straight face this time, I almost fainted from the pain, so I apologize to the London fans for not being 100% at the end of my set.”


We hope Dash Berlin gets well soon.

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