Deadmau5 – Fn Pig [Banging Track the MAU5 is Back!!!] + Two Moar Originals

Ben Hebert April 27, 2012 Best Of, Electro, Mellow, Music 2 Comments

Three new Deadmau5 tracks after he just released The Veldt only a week ago? Maybe this time off from a grueling summer tour schedule (he has yet to announce any major US dates with the cube) has allowed the mau5 to come out of his self admitted depression and able to produce moar excellent music for the masses.

Fn Pig is a reminder of why you fell in love with Deadmau5 to start. It has the classic progressive builds with light electro crashes that  you can almost picture yourself bouncing to at a show. Rylehs Lament is almost the polar opposite with a simple and mellow loop, while Closer Revision 2 is a smooth progressive house track.

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