Deadmau5 Gets Engaged to Kat Von D Over Twitter?

Ben Hebert December 15, 2012 News No Comments

Kat Von D and Deadmau5 get engaged
Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) and Katherine Von Drachenberg (Kat Von D) got engaged tonight, only days away from the impending Mayan Apocalypse. If you’ve been following the couple through their Twitter or Instagram feeds, then you knew how inseparable they were and eager to show the off to the world. They’ll probably get a joint account now that they’re engaged.

The ring and caption that Deadmau5 posted on twitter.

The ring and caption that Deadmau5 posted on twitter.

Okay jokes aside, I’m happy that Deadmau5 and Kat Von D are tying the knot. Joel is notorious for his past public battles with episodes of depression, so hopefully love cures all. While I haven’t had the chance to personally get to know either of them yet, from what I’ve interpreted from interviews and articles they seem like two people who fit enough to be legitimately happy together for life.

While both Deadmau5 and Kat Von D are global figures or celebrities now it’s not how they started. They are artists creating what they love and not afraid to voice their opinions. The wedding date isn’t set, but I’m sure more information will be shared soon. My only request is that can you (Deadmau5) please just start touring again?

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