deadmau5 Trolls Avicii’s New Album Campaign

Arish Doha August 14, 2013 Features, Funny No Comments

deadmau5 trollface

The Trollmaster is back at it again. In case you missed it, Avicii has launched a social media contest (Full Details) asking fans to tweet a revealing fact about themselves with the hashtag “TrueReveal”. The more this hashtag is used, Avicii’s album webpage will reveal the artwork for his forthcoming album “True”.

When deadmau5 found out about this campaign, he immediately put his troll face on and took it to twitter (read from bottom to top):

deadmau5 tweet 3

deadmau5 tweet 4

The series of tweets is quite hilarious. While he is trolling, this instance seems to poke fun at Avicii’s contest lightheartedly rather than actually hating. In a way, Zimmerman is showing admiration for Avicii’s creativity by playing along and not being insultingly cynical, as we know he can be.

Avicii’s upcoming album “True”, is set to release on September 17 via Universal Records.

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