Deadmau5 vs DJ PaulyD - Who Knew Guido's Could Troll?

Deadmau5 vs DJ PaulyD – Who Knew Guido’s Could Troll?

Ben Hebert May 24, 2012 News 1 Comment

If for some reason you missed DJ PaulyD’s epic new music video (laughs), I’ll spare you watching it and treat you to Deadmau5′s commentary instead. The first feud was started with Joel calling out PaulyD.

PaulyD retorts with something about being hated on by Deadmau5 as being priceless… cliche much? With Zimmerman saying that obviously Pauly D doesn’t know what hating is because he was only offering some constructive criticism. PD then wonders if Deadmau5 will dj his birthday party (I don’t know if guidos are into progressive house?!?) and it kind of falls off from there.

So while the flame war was amusing, Pauly D vs Deadmau5 was nothing like Feedme calling out Avicii for getting his set time moved at Coachella.

Deadmau5 vs PaulyD Round 2



The official scorecard reads Deadmau5 – 2 PaulyD – 0. But, the Jersey Shore guido still won a consolation prize because we’re giving him some press right now.

Even the worst press is still better than his music. 


  • I think that DJ PaulyD being successful beyond the reality tv show is awesome for him and hard to do.
  • Whoever creates / produces shows like the Jersey Shore or the Kardashian’s is a marketing genius.
  • The only real loser in this fight is Neil Diamond, who happens to be stuck in the clearance section. We love you Neil.

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