Insomniac Taking EDC To Legendary Woodstock Site?

Jay Laiche August 19, 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival, News 1 Comment

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It appears that Insomniac, the company behind events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest, are planning on reviving the site of the legendary Woodstock Music Festival from 1994 to house an edition of Electric Daisy Carnival over the next Memorial Day weekend. Last Wednesday, representatives from Insomniac attended a town hall meeting in Saugerties, New York to discuss the possibility of holding an event of 75,000 people on Winston Farm. The board, after the meeting, “were supportive of the festival proposal, noting that it would still need to go to the town’s Planning Board for approval and to obtain all necessary permits.”

Simon Lamb, the chief operating officer of Insomniac, laid out multiple details of the proposed event to the board. His specifics were that the three-day festival would be camping, providing food and beverages for sale. He also noted there would be approximately four to seven musical stages, also including carnival rides, costumed performers, nightly fireworks displays and large-scale art installations on site. Lamb also emphasized that health, safety and security of the attendees would be a top priority.

“What makes our events special relative to other music festivals and other concerts, you know, (is) we create an environment that’s filled with installation art, fireworks, costumed performers,” Lamb said. “It’s much more of a combination of a carnival, theater, music, art and special effects. We encourage the audience to participate in the event.” – Simon Lamb during town hall meeting

If this goes through, Insomniac plans to return to the location for multiple years. ““The location’s beautiful,” Lamb said of Winston Farm. “And we think that it could be a really wonderful relationship.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details are released about this exciting possibility.

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