7 Perfect Baby-Making EDM Mixes

Jay Laiche January 28, 2014 Features, Lists 1 Comment

sex music
You know the drill: low light, a hot atmosphere and a mattress with adequate surface area are all the tools you need for a consequent 30-minute ride on the wild side. Of course, while you’re in the moment, nothing could ever seem better; except for, perhaps, some perfect EDM to set the mood. We at WRR compiled some of our favorite mixes to play while you’re with your loved one. We’re talking downtempo, relaxing, yet spotted with passion and energy. Three words: hot and slow.

Krewella – Troll Mix 3 (Makeout Edition)

krewella makeout edition troll mix
Simply put, Krewella’s Troll Mix 3 was made for intimate moments, as if the name didn’t give that away. In contrast to their other mixes, Troll Mix 3 is slow and soft, yet still rings true to Krewella’s style with plenty of melodic heavy-bass music. From striking moments of intensity to angelic peace, Krewella’s Troll Mix 3 is surely to add a lil’ something when needed.

Exmag – Fully Dusted Mix

exmag mix
Exmag (Gramatik’s band, featuring 4 other members) recently dropped their first album, ‘Proportions’ , a month ago, but way before that, we were graced with their ‘Fully Dusted’ mix this summer which gave fans a sneak peek into what the group had been working on. The result? An hour of R’n’B-infused electronica so smooth and suave that your partner will be physically unable to resist its funky grooves. Unlike Krewella, Exmag’s mix never gets too extreme, and rather floats along.

Autograf – Vapecase Mix Vol. 1

sex music
Deep house and future bass seem to be genres that just automatically put you in the mood, no matter how hard you fight it; so is the case with Autograf’s Volume 1 VapeCase Mix. Downtempo, low-fi production calms down the mind as you sink into a pool of romance, accompanied by soothing vocals from the likes of Seal, Marvin Gaye and more.

Wave Racer – FBi Minimix

wave racer fbi mix
Wave Racer has blown up since his Soundcloud only had 2 songs up this past summer, and now he’s signed to Future Classic among the likes of Flume and others. Wave Racer’s interesting, slapstick fusion of Melbourne bounce, hip-hop and R’n’B put him in a class all his own, and his FBi Minimix may be a perfect example of this mysterious producer’s uniqueness. A bit more upbeat than other listed mixes, but this playing in the background could work wonders for you.

Minnesota – Eternal Frequencies: Equinox Mix

sex music
Minnesota has been a huge rise the past couple years, and though this Eternal Frequencies mix is a tad bit dated, it’s too fitting to not add to the list. Minnesota’s melodic “trancestep” in Eternal Frequencies works perfectly for sultry situations, as its a slow, fluctuating rollercoaster of emotion. At only 19 minutes long, though, you may want to have another mix queued up to keep playing after this one.

Odesza – NO.SLEEP Mix 1

sex music
Odesza had a HUGE 2013 as they released their EP ‘My Friends Never Die’, toured with Michal Menert and even had an official Pretty Lights remix of “One Day They’ll Know”. This first volume of their “No Sleep” mixes is just right for getting down and dirty, as it showcases their intoxicating blend of funk, pop and electronica. Soft vocals and instrumentals stand out under a fabric of clean bass and groove.

Tiesto – Club Life Podcast 331

Tiesto’s “After Hours” edition of Club Life is the last mix on our list, but its effects in the bedroom are just as equal as the rest of the mixes listed. Tiesto proves in this mix that he’s a man of many genres, as he lays down some calming deep house that is peaceful enough to hit the lights, but has enough umph to keep you going.

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