EDM Universe Earbuds Recreate Concert Experience [Review + Giveaway]

EDM Universe Earbuds Recreate Concert Experience [Review + Giveaway]

Jay Laiche October 9, 2013 Features 2 Comments


MEElectronics has introduced the first headphones designed and manufactured specifically for electronic music and WhiteRaverRafting is giving out three pairs to three  winners. Listeners will notice the improvement on the quality of vocals, and the power of the bass. These pioneer headphones are designed with the PLUR intention and culture in mind, and allow listeners to recreate their festival experience with cutting-edge technology.

WRR Review:

edm universe earbudsedm universe earbuds

The earbuds feature a sleek, clean design. The colors are streamlined, and slightly pale to enhance the trim look. The flat wire also adds an interesting appearance to the earbuds. The earbuds go up into a diagonal-like shape, with the logo on the end of the bud. The diagonal earbuds may look different than what you’re used to seeing with earbuds, but actually fits into your ear well and look absolutely normal once in. The wires that meet the ear buds reads “Peace Love Unity Respect” towards the top, which is a nice shout-out to the collective EDM family and also just a good sentiment to base a product around in general. It comes in a small, sleek but eye-catching box which has a magnetic opening, making the earbuds easy to un-box. It looks very professional. It additionally comes with a small carrying case to protect your earbuds when traveling. It’s a small and convenient way to keep your headphones safe from possible breakage.

The flat wire makes it hard to get easily tangled, which is a relief to those of us who are always stuffing headphones into knots. It features a slider on the top portion of the wire, so you can adjust the tightness of the wires leading to your ears.It also comes with a shirt clip, for added security. This helps if you use your headphones during activities. As stated in the design, the earbuds have a design that is “slanted” per se. At first, it may not fit in your ear correctly. However, in the manual it comes in, there is a page dedicated to properly fitting the earbuds. WRR staff members have personally found that rotating the earbuds to enter downward diagonally has worked efficiently. It comes with four different tips to choose from, so find which one fits the best for you. After fitting them a few times, they will fit in easy and smoothly. The manual gives a lot of information on properly inserting them for the highest sound quality and comfort. Lastly, the top wire features a volume bar, which can double as a microphone. The bar allows you to use a slider to adjust the volume, and features a small button to press, pause, and transition songs. This button also can be used while using the microphone to answer and end calls.

Sound Quality
These earbuds have pretty ample sound for their price. The idea that went around the making of these earbuds was to recreate the EDM experience. They have loud, and surprisingly clean bass. Another aspect of the sound we noticed right off the bat was the distinctiveness between tracks within a song. Different instrumentals in songs are distinct and clear. A great thing about these is that once fitted correctly, the noise-canceling capabilities are pretty impressive for earbuds. With the earbuds fitting securely in the ear canals, the sound is resounding and encompassing- much like the concert atmosphere. While the crisp bass and emphasized layering is perfect for EDM, they also sound great with other genres of music as well.

For a pair of earbuds that deliver high-quality sound, the $50 EDM Universe earbuds are a great deal.

Want to win a pair?

WhiteRaverRafting wants to help you win a pair of these great earbuds. We will be giving out a pair to three lucky winners. Just enter the contest below, and good luck!

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