A Lesson In Experimental Sound Volume 1; Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe Present “Kidsuke” On Project: Mooncircle

Wade Davis November 5, 2012 Mellow No Comments

I recently decided to begin contributing the findings of my closet intelligent dance music craving with you all here on the blog. “IDM” is such an umbrella term though, and personally I prefer to shelf these sounds into a category (subjectively created and maintained) as experimental sound. Not sounds striving to push the barriers of any specific genre, rather collections baring no shape – limited solely by the mind(s) behind the work.

Something tells me Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe will look back on this cohesive effort in time and feel confident on its substantial contribution to music as a whole. The collaborative 16 track album is an existential masterpiece…a work that elaborately defines itself and oozes with originality.  ‘Kidsuke’ is a the language spoken by imaginations.

It’s an album, so of course it’s real. The music is the result of a desire to create regardless of outcome, for the simple fact that there is a story to tell. People will consume it whichever way they want. Is it this sound or that sound? Does it really matter? Stop for a minute and enjoy the music for what it is. A synthesis of two aesthetics joined not just by a love of music but also a love of the abstract and the childish, the things that remind us we were all young one day and things were simpler. Things like dancing as if no one was looking or making music as if the outcome never mattered.

Kidsuke was released on PROJECT: Mooncircle, a Berlin-based label committed to purveying the fine delicacy of extraordinary sound. Go here to download the entire album for free.

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