Is Tomorrowland Replacing CounterPoint Music Festival? (Rumor Leaked by EDMsnob) (Update: Purely Speculation?)

Is Tomorrowland Replacing CounterPoint Music Festival? (Rumor Leaked by EDMsnob) (Update: Purely Speculation?)

Ben Hebert February 18, 2013 Music Festivals No Comments

Tomorrowland 2012

Update: TomorrowWOrld 2013 is Officially Announced for Atlanta, GA. Get your Ticket & Lineup Information Here.

Update: 7:45 AM: many different sources are confirming that Tomorrowland / tomorrowworld will be hosted at bouckaert farm, the site of counterpoint music festival on september 27, 28, 29, 2013. counterpoint will still be hosted in the spring of 2014. if i were you i would start preparing a fall trip to atlanta starting now.

Update 1:07PM: A source close to CounterPoint Music Festival has told me that TomorrowWorld being hosted in Atlanta is “Purely speculation” at this point in time.

Full post: Tomorrowland announced that they would be expanding their festival today to host another event in an unknown location on September 27, 28, 29, 2013. The ambiguous video didn’t release many other details, though many expected the promotion to make its stateside debut.

Albert Berdellans aka EDMSnob, an Ultra Music Festival employee, took to his twitter account to provide a “legit leak” and announce that TomorrowLand’s new festival TomorrowWorld will be in Atlanta, Georgia in September.


Specifically TomorrowWorld will be hosted at Bouckaert Farm, the same location that CounterPoint Music Festival was hosted.

We incorrectly posted that CounterPoint was moving to New York earlier this year, but EDM Snob says he is able to confirm that TomorrowLand is replacing CP’s regular weekend.

If the leak is true, it’s very difficult to see the Atlanta market host two major festivals so close to each other. CounterPoint did not sell out last year and it will be extremely challenging to sell out again or compete with a lineup expected by a festival on Tomorrowland’s scale.

Having attended CounterPoint Music Festival last year, I believe the grounds are big enough to hold a festival the size of TomorrowLand.

Please know that this information is not legitimate until confirmed by festival organizers on both sides. We will update this post as new statements become available.

Confirmation TomorrowWorld will be hosted in 2013.



TomorrowWorld is being organized by ID&T who was recently purchased by SFX Entertainment. This will be their first venture into the North American market. SFX Entertainment is owned by Robert Sillerman, the man who’s planning to spend over $1 billion on EDM promotions. Other purchases include Disco Donnie and Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) via Billboard.

The Huffington Post has also posted the EDMsnob leak.

MCP Presents has a 10-year permit to host a festival at Bouckaert Farm according to the AJC. Whether it’s an exclusive deal or not is yet to be seen.

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