Kaskade to Release New Album in March or April 2013

Ben Hebert October 3, 2012 News 5 Comments

Although he’s crippled from a broken foot after his massive 50-stop Freaks of Nature Tour, Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) is back to work on a new album at his recently renovated home studio.

From Billboard,

“I’m hoping to have it out early next year – by March or April if I can stick to my deadlines and get it finished by the end of the year.”

Kaskade is also working with friends on a chilled out ambient side project called Late Night Alumni, with an album coming out in the new few months or so.

“The music is very chill, very mellow. It’s like ambient electronic stuff so it’s more stuff you’d hear in a café or smaller venues.”

Fire & Ice is a special album to many edm fans and I look forward to see what direction Kaskade goes with his new one now that he’s a household name. Will he transition to the mainstream and collaborate with pop artists? I doubt it happens, but you never know.

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