Marquee Las Vegas; A Disney World Atmosphere with Secret Service Efficiency

Ben Hebert January 22, 2013 Features 2 Comments


I’m not a club person per say, but I do enjoy the environment and experience that these places can create. Since founding WRR, one of my favorite things to do is explore the mega clubs in each city that I travel to. This past week I was at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas and of course an adventure into the club scene had to be added to my agenda.

Saturday started with an epic Ravens win over the Broncos, followed by a trip to Marquee to catch Krewella and Bassjackers (talk about perfect day). There’s a certain level of mystique surrounding Marquee Las Vegas. As I mentioned in my preview post, artists constantly fill our twitter feeds with pictures featuring the club packed with beautiful women (Krewella & Bassjackers Photos).

After we find the entrance to Marquee, hidden inside of the Cosmopolitan shopping center, I’m almost immediately greeted by a man that could be protecting the POTUS or interning at GQ. I’ll call him Jack because his hair resembled Shia Lebouf’s in Lawless (a common trend in LV). Jack is very cordial when he tells me that the guest list closes at midnight and I’m denied entry. Never one to be deterred, I tell him that we’re on the PR list. Jack responds that the man I need to speak to is in the restroom and will be returning shortly.

The man does not return, but Jack finds the correct list and grants me entry into Marquee. He didn’t have to take care of this. I could have been forced to wait like everyone else for my problem to be solved, but that’s not like Marquee. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending millions on bottle service or just there for the experience. At Marquee you are their guest and will be treated as so.

The elevators that take you into the nightclub resemble the tower of terror and as soon as you exit the doors, you can feel the bass pounding. The 60,000 square foot venue is divided into three main rooms with seven different bars (flash tour). It actually took us a while to find the main room where Krewella was playing. A note for future attendees, if you find yourself lost between the Boom Box room and Library, just ask one of the men in suits with earpieces. Although intimidating by appearance, they’re really quite friendly.

While the main room setup is designed for bottle service, once you make your way towards the front of the stage you can find the people interested in dancing more than being seen holding a magnum bottle of Grey Goose.

Marquee has an atmosphere like Disney World, that’s run with the efficiency of the Secret Service.

I put my drink down for a second and immediately it was picked up by a staff member who came out of no where. When the high traffic areas got crowded they were immediately blocked off. At the same time, staff members are constantly wiping the floors to prevent people from falling. It’s not something you would regularly notice, but behind the scenes they are doing everything possible to ensure a first-class experience.


Krewella throwing it down!

Krewella’s set was filled with their catchy dubstep tracks, pop-lyrics and the frequent attempts at getting the crowd to shout some form of fuck yeah/you/let’s party/rage. That works well in a festival format where the younger demographic has a stronger presence, but at the club in Vegas we just want you to spin a set. There’s no need to shout at us. I enjoyed Krewella’s set, but it was clear that some people didn’t. I should have told them to be happy they weren’t playing future music.

When Bassjackers hit the decks, it was full throttle again mixing house, electro and even trap music into their set. Confetti shot from cannons, CO2 filled the air and we were treated to an abundant showing of lasers. That’s the shit I like when I step into a mega-club. So when you head out to Las Vegas this summer for Electric Daisy Carnival, make the dance floor at Marquee one of your destinations. You just might want to bet it all on black though first.

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