Ultra Music Festival’s Director of Promotions Speaks to EDM’s Negative Haters [Must Read]

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Ultra Music Festival’s Director of Promotions, Omar Peralta, took to his personal Facebook account today to speak to the “negative haters in the EDM world!” His essay, which is quoted below, touches on several topics, including understanding deeper levels of sound, Ultra Music Festival’s job to educate attendees on different styles and genres of music as well as creating a positive environment, among other things.

Below Omar outlines his thoughts more elegantly than I have, making for an excellent read. I encourage our readership and over all the entire electronic dance music community to read his piece with an open mind and pass it along. Our community should be spreading nothing but positive energy. However, as we’ve continued to grow into the mainstream market the value of P.L.U.R has diminished greatly. It’s awful to witness, but refreshing to know that world-renowned festivals likes Ultra and staff such as Omar Peralta still take the beliefs that help found our scene to heart.

“I never do this, but I wanted to write this to all those negative haters in the EDM world!

Sometimes I feel like putting all these people together who think they know it all about producing a festival and give them a chance to do a festival, so they can see how quickly they’ll turn to all measures or genres, so they can make ALL consumers happy. To hold a stake in this worldwide industry, it’s extremely hard and very competitive. For everyone who is in this industry doing festivals or Concerts, you know that we’re not hosting or maintaining a house party or rave, but an extremely expensive business venture.

Now, those who think that some genres are more credible or cooler then others, you must not realize that only with time, you will begin to understand a deeper level of sound which takes time and experience. With time, you will learn how to equalize yourself to a deeper style which can only happen 1 day at a time.

Ultra Music Festival, like other festivals are educators of different sound or genres of music, so we can welcome everyone and create a positive environment for others to wander through different musical journies. Learn and connect with others through this universal language that creates positive energy, called MUSIC. With time, people will learn what’s good and what’s not, for themselves, not for anyone else to approve or judge like a popularity concert. Those people who think they know it all, or think that one genre is better then others must have forgotten where they came from or what they first started to listen to when they discovered the EDM sound. Evolving your mind and soul through sounds is the point of this world/music, whether it’s in a small/big venue, in a private house party, or a festival.

What hurts me more then seeing the world we live in fight over all levels of power, is hearing people judge others or other genres of music, just because they don’t get it personally. This is a business, but it’s also a gateway to freedom through sound, not an avenue for negative thoughts, due to YOU being a young SOUL. Those certain people that love to put others down, whether they are younger or acting silly, like you once did, should grow up, and instead teach those who need guidance with your knowledge and experience. Guide them to the right path, instead of saying negative comments of what you once were, a silly individual with glow sticks and 3d glasses, having the time of your life!

Which is the only reason why many of us do what we do.


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