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The Early Bird Gets the… 10 Day Festival in Paradise [Video]

Right now it probably seems like you have plenty of time to start planning next year’s big festival run but for BPM Festival goers, January could not come soon enough. With 10 day early bird tickets already sold out and promotions for this year’s event creating a buzz, it’s no surprise that fans are beginning [...]

July 19, 2014 Amber Lashbaugh Features, Music Festivals, Video 0

8 DJs Who Lose Their Sh*t On Stage

We go to shows for the music and the atmosphere. Though, sometimes the artist’s energy is so unreal that we can’t help but get more pumped up just because of how wild some acts get when doing what they love. Here are eight artists who make us feel some type of way when we see them perform. Who would be [...]

July 19, 2014 Katie Conner Lists 0

6 Tracks That Have Us Excited About The Future

WRR has featured several articles mentioning how EDM is shifting gears in 2014: What was popular in 2012 was obviously different than 2013; but the change happening in 2014 is vastly different than anything heard since the turn of the decade. To make matters more confusing, these sounds don’t have a widely accepted name: some [...]

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VMA 2014

Zedd, Martin Garrix, Disclosure + More Nominated For 2014 MTV VMAs

There is no doubt that the popularity of dance music, or “EDM”, as it is most commonly referred to in the mainstream media, has skyrocketed in in recent years, with the genre having flourished into a distinguished, and remarkably lucrative industry. 2014 has indubitably been a big year for electronic music, with countless noteworthy releases [...]

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What Would You Do For a Klondlike Bar? Deorro Would Pass On Playing the Tomorrowland Main Stage

Tomorrowland: the magical world that most ravers only dream about visiting. A world coming together in the name of EDM, every DJ present that your heart desires, the most epic stage designs in the business, and apparently rationed artist food tokens. On the first day of Tomorrowland’s two weekend run, Friday, July 18, Deorro took [...]

July 18, 2014 Halina Wilusz Funny, Music Festivals, News 0

Atlanta’s Eddie Gold Wishes You a Very Trappy Friday with “Lion Headz”

We are proud to introduce to WhiteRaverRafting one of the most promising DJs coming out of Atlanta’s blossoming EDM scene, Eddie Gold, with his latest trap masterpiece, “Lion Headz.” May this track welcome you to the jungle and also to your much needed weekend. Gold’s ten plus years of relentless grind and ability to bring [...]

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Super Tall Paul_

Super Tall Paul Elected Mayor of Sherwood Forest for 2015

As a seeker of good vibes and creatively talented individuals, one of my main goals for Electric Forest was to find at least one person that grandly stood out among the rest. The Sherwood Forest houses many secrets and luckily I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the hidden gem of all that is Super [...]

July 18, 2014 Megan Robinson Electric Forest, Funny 0

Rain Dance: Six Sets That Brought the Sky Down at the Hudson Project

This article was co-written by WRR writers Tyler Hubin and Sebastian Aguirre Last weekend’s Hudson Project was a festival of many ups, and just as many downs. Rain and disorganization plagued the festival’s inaugural year, as the last day of music was forced to be canceled due to unbearable weather conditions. Although the shortcomings are well-documented, [...]

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Mike Mago & Dragonette Release Moving Original “Outlines”

Soundcloud can be a beautiful thing (when they’re not selling out to majors,) still giving users to the chance to stumble upon pure music magic in a matter of seconds. I found “Outlines” today, by Mike Mago and Dragonette, boasting sounds that happily reminded me why I’m in love with electronic music. The easy organ [...]

July 18, 2014 Chad Downs Chill, Deep House 0

3LAU Ft. Bright Lights “How You Love Me” (Arston Remix) Will Change Your Life [Free Download]

Arston will change lives with his phenomenal remix of 3LAU’s uplifting progressive hit, “How You Love Me.” By following the fluidity of Bright Lights’ vocals, he layers a reverberation of melodies and rhythms that linger long after the song has ended. The build is executed so smoothly that it raises the hairs on the back [...]

July 18, 2014 Young Park Free Downloads, House, Music, Progressive 0