Paper Diamond Changes It Up Beautifully With Latest “All The Girls Beat”

All has been strangely quiet on the Paper Diamond front for the past few months, and yesterday we were given the answer why. With the release of new track “All The Girls Beats” he dropped a tidbit of information, sharing that an EP is forthcoming. This is certainly big news, as there are few artists [...]

August 26, 2014 Tyler Hubin Music, Trap 0

Mysterious Electro Duo Kid Arkade To Release Single On Ultra Records

Kid Arkade, a virtually unknown collective suddenly picked up by Ultra Records, has just released a brand new single that is already making waves in the scene. The iconic label selected the artists to put out the collective’s first single, entitled “Atlas Run.” Judging on this track, they will be here to stay. “Atlas Run” has its origins [...]

August 25, 2014 Alana Schulz Electro, Music 0

Pre-Order tyDi’s “ReDefined” Album and Receive Two Brand New Records

tyDi’s “ReDefined” album is set to be released on September 30th, 2014 via Global Soundsystem and you can get a sneak preview by simply pre-ordering it today. The twenty track work is pegged to break genre boundaries in an effort to set the focus on the artistic side of music, rather than the style or genre [...]

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Watch Afrojack & Martin Garrix’s “Turn Up The Speakers” Music Video

Afrojack is always pushing his limits and testing himself artistically. His debut album, “Forget The World,” offered a few productions that represented different styles and musical visions along with a slew of flavorful features and collaborations. Now, to follow-up his album release, he has dipped back into his roots for a party-rocking collaboration with Martin Garrix titled [...]

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De Hofnar Drops Bootleg of Becky G’s “Shower” [Free Download]

Summer isn’t over yet, though, you’re going to wish you had a few more months under the hot sun after hearing De Hofnar’s “Shower” bootleg. His production breathes new life into the original by adding a soothing sax, bells, and other tropical elements. If you were into his last release, titled “Bloesem” in collaboration with Sam Feldt, [...]

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Burning Man Shut Down Due to Weather

According to the official Burning Man social media accounts the festival will be closed until Tuesday, August 26th, due to weather. Torrential downpour and thunderstorms have plagued the festival grounds, but curators are hoping that these unfortunate storms pass. They’ve employed law enforcement officers to turn away vehicles as the Playa is currently an unsafe [...]

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Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Why You Should Protect Your Ears at Shows

We’ve all experienced it: Not being able to get as close as you would’ve hoped or trying to marathon through a festival, and especially, when you aren’t able to hear a word anyone says up to weeks after an event. Due to our mentality that louder is better, our ears are taking a pounding and potentially causing permanent damage. All of [...]

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Has Fame Changed Calvin Harris’ Music For The Worse? [Poll]

Remember when Calvin Harris said he was starting to make dance music that wouldn’t be engineered toward the Beatport charts? It was over a year ago that Harris made that statement to Music Week, attempting to put to rest any angst over recent cheesy productions and apparent crowd pleasing. Fast forward to today, and we’re faced with tracks like [...]

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Major Lazer Cartoon to Debut on FOX Next Year

Since 2011, when the Major Lazer character made a 15 minute television debut on Adult Swim, rumors have spread about a full cartoon series. Now, according to Billboard and Pitchfork, the M.L. cartoon idea will be hitting FOX sometime next year, 2015. It has also been reported that the television show will correspond with the [...]

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Sebastian Carter Releases A Gorgeous Remix Of Birdy’s “Skinny Love”

Rising Swiss producer, 20-year-old Sebastian Carter has just revealed a particularly stand-out remix of Birdy’s dulcet song, “Skinny Love”, which will be enjoyed especially by chill, and deep-house fans. Maintaining the integrity of the original’s soft, mellow style, Sebastian has added a delicate new layer of intensity to the track, coalescing smooth synths, and modest percussion rhythms to complement [...]

August 24, 2014 Zakiya Chill, Remix 0