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X5IGHT Drops A Scorching Remix Of The Troggs’ Classic Tune, “Wild Thing” [Free Download]

Never ones to confine themselves to a single genre or style, burgeoning Chicago-based duo, X5IGHT is at it again with a bright, uplifting remix of UK band, The Troggs’, 1966 tune by the name of “Wild Thing”. Best known for their striking bootlegs and remixes that each exhibit a diverse blend of genres and sounds, [...]

July 17, 2014 Zakiya Free Downloads, Remix 0

Kaz James Releases Remix of Oliver Heldens’ “Gecko”

Oliver Heldens seemingly popped out of nowhere with his smash-hit “Gecko.” After climbing the charts, the Heldens charted new territory by adding a vocal edit from the likes of Becky Hill. While the vocal weighed down the futuristic melody, the effort came with good intentions. Enter Kaz James. The Australian producer released his latest remix, [...]

July 17, 2014 Cody Smith Deep House, Electro, Remix 0

Andrei Eremin’s ‘Ghosts’ is the Perfect Rainy Day Track

Most of the United States right now is being threatened with thunderstorms and heavy rain. What are we to do if we aren’t allowed to go outside and enjoy summer? We’re forced to stay inside and listen to great music. Rainy days often create a shift in the mood you are in and the music [...]

July 17, 2014 Brittany Slipko Ambient, Chill, Mellow 0

ODESZA Release “Memories That You Call” and Announce New Album ‘In Return’

ODESZA, the Seattle-based trip-hop/dream-pop duo, just capped off a sold-out tour spanning the United States. Most producers would take a break but these guys seem dedicated to satisfying their fan base with more music. This week the two released a brand new track, titled “Memories That You Call” and featuring Monsoonsiren, along with the announcement [...]

July 17, 2014 Cody Smith Chill, Downtempo, News, Trip-Hop 0

Goodgreef Releases Much-Welcome “Future Trance” Compilation

Trance has lost sight site of its uplifting, euphoric origins. Many trance producers opt for producing big room bangers and others dab their tracks in cheesy piano chords and cringe-worthy vocals. Luckily Goodgreef still knows what people love in traditional trance music. They just released their “Future Trance” compilation album, featuring three discs mixed by [...]

July 17, 2014 Cody Smith News, Trance 0

Electric Zoo Artist Update: D&B Prodigy Netsky Releases Video for “Running Low” [Stream]

With exactly 43 days until Electric Zoo (EZoo), it’s time to get excited. It’s time to start planning. It’s time to check out Netsky. Boris Daenen, better known as Netsky, has been on a nonstop tour around the world, doing solo shows and also numerous festivals around the world. Recently debuting his new single “Running Low” [...]

July 17, 2014 Joshua Schellhammer DnB, Electric Zoo, Music Festivals 0

Who Is Listening To Electronic Music? A Look At The Numbers

“The electronic music landscape has evolved into one of the most robust and influential genres in music today. From the way it’s purchased and streamed to the way it’s enjoyed live, this genre comes with its own culture—one that’s sweeping the nation.” – Nielsen.com Electronic music has always been around in different forms with different labels, [...]

July 17, 2014 Tyler Almodovar Best Of, Features 0

U.K.’s Kove Releases “Way We Are” EP [Stream]

The great part of living in our digital world is that the top talents rise quickly. Since his first release two years ago, Kove has propelled himself from a locally known artist to signing with one of the U.K.’s major record labels, MTA Records. His latest EP includes the leading single “Way We Are”, which [...]

July 17, 2014 Arish Doha Deep House, House 0
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The Hudson Project Issues A Statement That Every Raver Should Read

The Hudson Project’s inaugural installment had its up and its downs, but over all it’s important to remember that events thrown for the first time almost never come out perfect. There were a lot of factors against the Hudson Project team, the most notable would be Mother Nature – something that no one can control. A [...]

July 17, 2014 Tyler Almodovar Hudson Project, News 0

Five Underrated Acts at Sonic Bloom That Blew Headliners Out of the Water

Some of the finest music festival moments involve discovering underrated artists overshadowed by the pomp and circumstance of prominent headliners. This year’s Sonic Bloom Festival in South Park, Colo., amalgamated a slew of electronic artists, both unknown and renowned, to create a lineup that was the perfect combination of Colorado jamtronica, psychedelic trance and electro-funk. [...]

July 17, 2014 Olivia Lueckemeyer Event Review 0
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