OWSLA Releases Music Video for Phuture Doom’s “Burn the Knowledge”

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More than 8 months ago, after debuting on Birdy Nam Nam’s “Defiant Order” EP, Phuture Doom sparked the curiosity of fans of Skrillex, OWSLA and metal alike. There’s so much unknown about the brain behind the name; the Facebook/Twitter profile’s have less than 20 posts, no photos of themselves, and only three audio releases.

Their mysteriousness coincides with the Marketing Machines article Ben posted a few weeks ago. For Phuture Doom; Great original music/style + No info about artist = Hype. This is factoring out the support of the OWSLA, but my point is people love to speculate and share their beliefs with friends, forming hype.

I think this is something Skrillex has always wanted to sign. Phuture Doom’s sound is metal/hardcore blended with electronic; very dark, and raw. Skrillex’s side project with Boys Noize, Dog Blood, is basically a more generic, people-friendly version of what Phuture Doom does.

Phuture Doom’s new video, featuring the designs of brooklyn-based Aerosyn-Lex, is down right creepy.  It focuses on everything the EDM culture isn’t; violence and darkness. Ironically, there’s been almost all positive conversation shared about it.

Perhaps when Phuture Doom drops their first full release: “Nightfall EP” on July 23rd, the conversation will start picking up. OWSLA’s mixing up the game with this one, I can’t wait to hear what it’s like.

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