Riff Raff Arrested In North Carolina (Video)

Jay Laiche August 12, 2013 News, Video 2 Comments

TMZ has reported this evening that Mad Decent artist Riff Raff has been arrested in Greensboro, North Carolina on drug charges. The rapper apparently was stopped in the middle of traffic at 2:30 AM this morning to talk to pedestrians. Police approached his vehicle, finding an open alcoholic container. This led to a full-search of the car, which resulted in the Greensboro police finding marijuana and “some sort of powerful narcotic, along with drug paraphernalia.”

Riff Raff is no stranger to the legal system, having recently announces that he planned to sue the creators of the movie “Spring Breakers” for using his likeness for one of the characters. However, he finds himself on the wrong end of the scales this time. Riff Raff was arrested along with two other passengers and taken to jail, where they were placed and held without bond. This is just another mark in the strange career of Riff Raff.

Source: TMZ

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