Exclusive Interview with Schoolboy on His New Single Aftershock

Ben Hebert September 18, 2012 Dubstep, Electro, Music, Video 1 Comment

Schoolboy went away from dubstep and into electro-house with his newest release Aftershock that you can pick up now through Beatport. The video fits the dark mold you’re accustomed from Subhuman and features a younger version of McLovin’ making the aftershock using various discarded electronics. We were stoked that Schoolboy was able to take the time to answer a few of our questions in the brief interview below.

I’ve read that you have a “band” background, what made you get started with music production and how do those influences play out in your music?

It kind of just happened, I found myself spending more hours sequencing and composing music on different DAW platforms until I found the one that worked for me. Being in bands influenced my musicianship, the way instruments act dynamically and the way they work together.

What has the reception been like for your new release Aftershock? Are you concerned about how people react to your music or are you more like this is it love it or not?

I’m not too worried, I do tend to have a like it or not attitude. I’m grateful to have open-minded fans who support the music and my different creative views.

Who are some of the producers that you’re listening to right now that are blowing you away? Any tracks that you’ve heard where you have that instant connection to?

  • Wolfgang Gartner “Love & War”, no one comes close to this guy, no one. Pure genius.
  • Qulinez “Troll”
  • Far Too Loud’s Firestorm EP

We see a lot of artists continually pushing out remixes of tracks to gain fans and influence rather than focusing on original music. You’ve taken the other approach. Can you explain why?

I feel original material is the way to go. I love remixes and bootlegs, but having something completely original feels a little more rewarding to me.

We’re seeing a ton of money being pumped into production for these new tours like Datsik’s Vortex or FeedMe’s Teeth. What’s the ideal stage for Schoolboy look like?

I never really sat down and thought about what I would want, I have ideas but nothing solid. I always thought about including 3D glasses, I can see it bringing out the graphics in projector set ups. Just a thought.

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