Source: CounterPoint Music Festival Scheduled for May 2014 Return

Source: CounterPoint Music Festival Scheduled for May 2014 Return

Ben Hebert September 17, 2013 Music Festivals, News 7 Comments


Next weekend should have been the second CounterPoint Music Festival, instead of TomorrowWorld. Those brave enough to attend the first year were unexpectedly treated to a worldly experience with some of the best vibes ever found at a festival before. Festivals get bigger and stages get fancier, but still nothing compares to CounterPoint. Hopefully TomorrowWorld will be able to repeat part of that magic.

An industry source has contacted and told us that CounterPoint Music Festival is scheduled to return back to Bouckaert Farm in Fairburn, Georgia the first weekend of May 2013. The proposed dates could be May 1-3 or May 2 – 4 depending on whether or not the festival starts on a Thursday like the 2012 event.

We took this information and reached out to the press coordinator for confirmation, but unfortunately they could not confirm or deny it. The date would put them two weeks after Magnetic Music Festival. Magnetic is moving to the Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2014, a larger venue that should allow for extended hours compared to this year’s show.

If the CounterPoint dates hold up it will make the promotional competition intense in the Southeast where dance music is still finding ground compared to areas like New York or California. Ultimately this competition is likely to benefit the fans.

CounterPoint’s producers MCP Presents attempted to bring a festival to the New York area in mid-2013, but it fell through as they were unable to secure permits in time. Jonathan Fordin, MCP Presents President, said back in January that, “We are 100 percent planning an event for June of 2014 and will be working with the town (of Saugerties) and community to bring multiple events to the area.”

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