The Most Beautiful Outdoor Venues in America

The Most Beautiful Outdoor Venues in America

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When the music is good it doesn’t really matter where you are. That said, landscapes play a critical role in the experience and can set the tone for the live performance to come. The United States hosts a number of venues with the ability to put you at a loss for words – venues that create moments where time stops and everything is just perfect.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the most beautiful outdoor venues America has to offer:

1. Red Rocks – Morrison, CO

It’s Red Rocks. It’s ColoRADo. Where the wild things are.



2. The Gorge Amphitheater – Quincy, WA

Might be my top pick. You can look at The Gorge 100 times and still be blown away by it’s majestic backdrop.



3. Mishawaka Amphitheater – Bellvue, CO

A little nestled gem in the Rockies. Mishawaka hosts some of the best undiscovered talent in the country on a regular basis.



4. Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA

A bit of an outcast on this list, The Greek Theatre is simply stunning architecture.

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5. State Bridge – Bond, CO

Another colorado natural. The list never ends.



6. Feather River – Twain, CA

Home to The Bounce Festival, Twain’s Feather River venue is one of the more intimate beauties you’ll find.



7. Suwannee Music Park – Live Oak, FL

Camping in the swamps of Florida couldn’t get any better.



8. The Forest – Rothbury, MI

We could add pictures for days. These woods are covered with magic.



9. Horning’s Hideout – Portland, OR

String Cheese at Horning’s is all I’ll say.



10. Dillon Amphitheater – Dillon, CO

This picture should say it all.


Did we miss any? Let us know in these comments or tweet at me and let’s discuss.

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