The World’s Most Accurate Description of the “EDM Bubble”

Ben Hebert May 26, 2013 Best Of, News Comments Off


Electronic dance music is in a bubble. To deny that, is to feign ignorance to what’s really going on in the scene. While we’re still on the upswing now, how many more EDCs, Ultras or Electric Glow Paint (insert other rave term here) festivals can the market really handle?

I disagreed for a while, but once the rave themed 5K runs started happening I knew it was over. Mainstream, bubble, whatever you want to call it, EDM is being manipulated for profit.

DJ Pangburn is able to accurately describe what’s going on in dance music and then also elaborate on the life cycle that the genre will follow.

This part couldn’t have been said this better;

Thankfully, there will always be proper experimentation in the electronic music underground. So when this bubble bursts, electronic music will return to its proper place: moving music into the future instead of satisfying illusory market demand.

So as the story goes the underground becomes mainstream and a new underground is formed. I’ve been able to meet many of you guys and know that you’re true music fans. The new underground is going to be one hell of a party.

Read it now: EDM is the new American bubble.

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