Tiësto Returns to Trance with ‘Sweet Nothing’ Remix

Sabrina Santiago September 18, 2012 Remix, Trance No Comments

Within the past decade of Dance Music we have seen many different artist transcend into the most upheld DJs in the world. The one Dj/Producer that we can never get enough of has swept us up gain, Tiësto.

14 years ago Tiësto started his career with trance music but currently his music has transformed to more of the house side of dance music. Now, Tiësto has made his own remix of Calvin Harris and Florence Welch’s upcoming new single, ‘Sweet Nothing.’ This remix takes us back to Tiesto’s old trance style that hooked the whole world into his music.

‘Sweet Nothing’ still balances on the lines of both house and trance. But with the beautiful melodic voice of Florence Welch on the track plus euphoric builds, we can’t all help but feel those “trance family goosebumps.”

‘Sweet Nothing’ will be out October 14th with other remixes including Dirtyloud, Burns and Qulinez.

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