Tomorrowland Rumor Debunked: Why The World’s Number One Festival Won’t Expand Over Seas In 2013, Instead Will Help The World Get There

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UPDATED: Tomorrowland 2013 United States Information Here

Yesterday rumors of Tomorrowland 2013 expanding overseas and into the United States flocked the internet and social media feeds alike. This morning, the powers behind the world’s number 1 music festival released a video titled “Be a Part of the “Global Journey,”” suggesting rather than branching into America, planes will be flying festival goers in from over 120 locations worldwide.

Discover one of the most unique experiences on the planet

There is only one Tomorrowland

The beauty, mystique and appeal lies within it’s location in Belgium. Generally accepted as the most desirable festival in the world, Tomorrowland’s backbone relies on the experience acting as a single novelty. Although I can’t speak for other countries, it’s safe to say that those of us in the US view this as the mecca, a cross-world travel into the land of the unknown. Competition with other American festivals aside, would any of us really thrive on the element of exploration and discovery with a Tomorrowland in our own country? The chilling sensations we generate when thinking about making the trip are due in large part to the introduction of new culture and the freedom of foreign surroundings.

The location in Boom, Belgium is equally as breathtaking as Tim Burton’s one of a kind fairy tale visual production the festival provides. Could they really reinvent this somewhere else?

Tomorrowland grounds in Boom, Belgium

Tomorrowland grounds in Boom, Belgium

Tomorrowland did the smartest thing they could have possibly done. By sponsoring and providing planes all around the world, they chose to cultivate the festival melting pot by connecting festival goers through what was previously the biggest obstacle for attendance: travel.

Due to the phenomenal demand in 2012 for the 17 available flight packages, the 2013 options have undergone a groundbreaking upgrade to unite over 120 cities across the world. ‘Global Journey’ will create an unprecedented travel experience never before attempted by any event in the world! Over 75 nationalities attended the festival last year, creating a unique and truly global atmosphere – in 2013 Tomorrowland has set its sights on uniting the planet for 3 unbelievable days.

This year in partnership with Brussels Airlines and their Star Alliance Partners flights from cities across the world including; Los Angeles, Seoul, Nairobi, Bogota, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Montreal, Sydney, Buenos Aires, New York and many more, will fly passengers to Belgium for the 3 day event. Each plane will be decked out for the full Tomorrowland experience including special in-flight catering, Tomorrowland newspapers and much more.  - Tomorrowland youtube page

Important Tomorrowland 2013 Information:

  • Dates: Friday July, 26 – Sunday July, 28
  • Tickets for the flight and travel packages will go on sale at 5PM CET on February 9th 2013.
  • Anyone hoping to secure a ticket for this year MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE by February 7th 2013.
  • Register for Tomorrowland 2013 tickets here
  • Artist and lineup announcements will begin on Friday, January 18th and continue daily, exclusively on facebook.
  • Follow Tomorrowland: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Official Webpage

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