TomorrowWorld: 140,000 Attendees, Only 17 Medical Transports

Jay Laiche October 1, 2013 Best Of, Music Festivals, News 16 Comments

Despite the recent scrutiny of EDM events, due in large-part to overdoses at Electric Zoo and a Zedd show in Boston, ID&T’s TomorrowWorld, which took place outside of Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, proved to debunk this theory. With 140,00 attendees, all over 21 years of age, it was reported that there were only three arrests, no fights, and only 17 total medical transports. To put it into perspective, that is .012 percent of the total amount of attendees.

Facing an uphill battle leading to the weekend, it appears that TomorrowWorld surely exceeded expectations. The original decision to make the event 21 and up proved to help the festival; bringing in a much more mature crowd. However, they still had odds stacked against them. On the business front, ID&T had been faltering with their popular arena tour, Sensation, and is also in competition in the United States now with industry-giant Insomniac, the creators of events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Forest. Both companies have plans to hold music festivals in New York around the original Woodstock sites: Insomniac with an Electric Daisy Carnival, and ID&T with Mysteryland. Add this to the fact that ID&T was just added under SFX Entertainment- a new corporation which has been buying out EDM entities- and it became imperative that TomorrowWorld go off without a hitch.

It appears that TomorrowWorld did just that. The event showcased an immense amount of respect from festival-goers and staff alike, as well maturity and responsibility from those who attended. This concluded with the three-day event only having 17 medical transports over the entire weekend. Though there were some other complaints about the festival- such as the distance to walk to different stages, and the Americanized aspect of the crowds as opposed to the Belgium original TomorrowLand- TomorrowWorld proved to show the world that it’s very possible to have an event of this scale go off smoothly.

Here’s to hoping other EDM festivals can take lessons from TomorrowWorld and make this a common theme.

Source: Billboard

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