Top 10 “Safe and Sound” Remixes

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We’ve decided to put together the top 10 remixes of the popular track, “Safe and Sound”. Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian, better known as Capital Cities, are an indie pop group from Los Angeles. The duo came out with the EP for Safe and Sound in 2011 and since then artists from various genres have created remixes of their own. Let us know which one you like or if we missed your favorite!

The original Capital Cities version:

1. The first mix I chose was a remix done by NYC’s group called Cash Cash. The trio mixes electro and progressive house beats to create a banger!

2. For the runner up, I chose Tommie Sunshine and Live Citiy’s mix. This came out about a month ago and I think it gives the song an even more positive ring to it.

3. Gainsford starts his remix off smooth and from there it builds into a track that becomes anyone’s favorite summer jam.

4. Beginning off slower than the others, Alexis Troy added a more electro version to the song. I personally enjoy the sudden, dubstep drops towards the end too!

5.  Politik, who’s also an LA based DJ completed his unique style of Safe and Sound with some club beats.

6. Party Ghost gives the track a different electro beat that builds and drops perfectly to the chorus.

7. Press play and enjoy the RAC remix that’s full of mellow background grooves to set off any night!

8. For a more club feel look no further than DJ Jive’s remix. Turn it up and try not to shake your head back and forth with a smile : )

9. DiscoTech got their hands on the track and made it even more of a pop song (In A good way). The background Disco effects create that fun feel to this remix.

10. We’ll end on a mix that is drastically different than the original. I discovered a Skrillex version of Capital Cities with Kill Everybody thrown in there also. Talk about ending on a BANG!

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