The Trap Music Movement; Where It Came From and Where It’s Going

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Trap Music Movement - Trapstyle, Trapaholics, Liquid Trap, Hip Hop

There is a movement occurring this very second throughout the electronic scene. What is trap music? For me, it’s the combination of the strong snare and sultry codeine infused bass that truly epitomizes traditional Southern trap music. It’s that rich ticking sound that drops in over a varied combination of heavy beats, vocals and drum sounds.

Over the past several months, a new breed of trap music has been growing and gaining popularity amongst some of the biggest DJs, producers and music enthusiasts around the globe. By now, you have probably heard of “Trapstep,” “Dubstrap, or Trap” – everyone has their own names and definitions but most agree that it’s making a strong and fast impact on the electronic dance music world.

Southern trap music was traditionally inspired by the lifestyle that surrounds drug dealing in the most dangerous parts of some of the biggest cities in the deep South. “The Trap” refers to the streets, houses, and corners where drugs are sold.

Trap lifestyle isn’t only about drugs though; it also revolves around expensive cars, women, dancing, money and hustling. UGK, Lex Luger, T.I., Rick Ross, Jeezy, Lil Webbie, Bun B… these are just some of the names that you’ve probably heard associated with new and old trap music.

The term was most likely coined on the mainstream when T.I. dropped his second studio album “Trap Muzik”.  More recently, however, names like Diplo, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, Flux Pavillion, Rustie, Baauer and Luminox are coming up in connection with the genre, and making waves in the EDM scene. *Check out this artist spotlight on Baauer

Instead of drug dealing and cars, new trap is being inspired by raw energy in the clubs and by a new generation of music fan that loves just about anything with a sick beat. There are many debates surrounding what “new trap” music is from a technical standpoint. Some argue that trap, even when infused with dubstep, is still ultimately hip hop music.

Here’s why: trap began as a purely rap and hip hop genre dominated by artists who we would never consider to be EDM musicians. Ironically however, rap beat producers are technically EDM musicians too, because any music that involves dance and is created with a synthesizer is technically “electronic dance music.” If trap = hip hop/ rap, and hip hop/ rap = EDM, then trap = EDM.

Interestingly enough, “new trap” even has some classic rap characteristics. This past week, Flosstradamus was banned from performing in their home town of Chicago because Chicago Police claimed that their recent performance nearly caused a riot. Riots? Musicians being banned? Police censorship? Sounds like hip hop and rap to me.

New Trap, trapstep, dubstrap… whatever you want to call it, it’s hot. As a genre with a somewhat specific sound, it is still undeniably versatile, flexible, and in many ways infinite. The wide and deep spectrum of songs that are technically considered “trap music” make the genre particularly refreshing. These days, producers, DJs and fans focus too much on labeling sound, style, and fitting tracks into tight specific genres. It’s all unnecessary because the strong emergence of moombahton, and the trap renaissance make it clear that new genres will continue to emerge, develop and change no matter what we call them, or how we define them.

As a result of the lack of technical definitions for “new trap music,” DJs and producers are creating their own definitions, styles and sounds. Below are just a few example of the vast variety of sound and style that can be considered trap. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out The Mad Decent Block Parties this summer, as well as Trillectro Festival in DC.

Trap Music Free Downloads:

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